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Cook High School Students and Parents ONLY can log on to this site to see their 2019-2020 class schedule. All other Schools are not available at the present time.

Cook High Schedule Change Procedure
Please review your schedule carefully to make sure you have a full schedule and are enrolled in the correct courses. If by chance there is an issue with your schedule you can fill out a schedule change request form. The form can be found on the Cook High School website or can be picked up from the front office. The only changes that will be evaluated are changes that are needed for graduation purposes as follows:

1. Student is enrolled in a course he/she already has credit for OR

2. Student is not enrolled in a course they need for graduation

Counselors will not be meeting with parents or students individually. Please print and complete the form (click here to print copy) completely and provide a valid reason for the change. If there is a question a counselor will call to get further information. Students who are requesting to come out of Honors, Dual Enrollment or AP classes must also submit a parent letter acknowledging they are aware of the change. All requests must be submitted via the Schedule Change Request Form by August 7th. No changes will be accepted after this date.

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